Heather Marie Scholl


Whitework examines white women’s roles in the establishment and maintenance of white supremacy.  This work personalizes a visual discussion on race by merging my family’s southern history, my experiences and U.S. History with a deep and productive emotionality.  By owning and exploring our histories of white supremacy and racism I am interested in how we can heal individual and societal wounds around race. The pieces are primarily constructed with whitework embroidery – white thread on white fabric. Each item tells a different story of the ways white supremacy is taught through white women. 

The first two pieces of this work were included in The Fabric of Emancipation show curated by Harlem Needle Arts at The Morris Jumel Mansion summer of 2016.

An off shoot of this work includes fill in the blank stickers "From one white person to another.." I have gathered groups of mostly white women to reflect on what we may want to say to our white peers. And then found locations to install around NYC. Stickers also showed up at the historic DC Women's March this year. You can send a message to get involved in NYC events, or you can purchase stickers here.

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