Heather Marie Scholl

The Knitter

Dedicated to exquisitely crafted hand knit garments and accessories

Heather Marie Scholl offers sample making services and small scale production in New York City.  Her unique combination of craft expertise and design sensibilities means she can help bring your ideas to life no matter your needs.  Whether you have a fleshed out idea and precise pattern to be knit or you only have the vaguest ideas.

Scholl's inspiration comes from all over.  She has a tendency to find ways of bridging street style and culture with the formality and detail of historical garment making.  Her knitting loves range from lace stitches, cables, to color work.  Yet sometimes her inspiration is simply taking on challenging construction.  Whatever the project she's ready to help your ideas come to life.

Her dedication to ethical fashion lies not just in materials but in the labor and craftsmanship that goes into quality clothing.  By maintaining a commitment to providing a living wage for all knitters she works with she helps to create a culture where we treat labor jobs with dignity.  You can take pride in knowing that all sample making and production for your line is done in NYC under ethical conditions.

Scholl offers swatch development, sample and one of a kind garments, and small scale production. Email scholl.heather@gmail.com for additional information.

View her personal work by going to The Wearables or The Art.

Or follow the image link below to see her hand knit portfolio.