Heather Marie Scholl


Brooklyn, NY

Heather Marie Scholl's teaching ranges from the basic how to's of embroidery, knitting, and sewing, to craftivism courses, and anti-racism work focused on white women. Through everything she brings her expertise, patience and compassion.




Designed around the embroidery and racial justice toolkit, I lead participants through learning the back stitch and satin fill stitch while facilitating a conversation on our complicity in white supremacy. Sewing circles have existed for hundreds of years. They innately bring intimacy and community amongst stitchers, which makes it the perfect environment for the work of eradicating our internal biases.



Confront White Womanhood

Organizers Sophie Ellman-Golan, Rhiannon Childs, and Heather Marie Scholl (two white women and one Black woman) designed the Confront White Womanhood workshop to interrogate the ways white supremacy manifests within feminist spaces.

For centuries, violence has been done in the name of—and even physically enacted by—white women.  By examining historical contexts in conjunction with personal story-sharing exercises, we confront how white supremacy shows up in our own behavior. Through vulnerable discussions about individual complicity, we empower attendees to disrupt white supremacy from within their own communities.

*offering webinars and in person workshops

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Private to semi-private classes available. From beginner to immediate, classes adapted based on skill of those enrolled. Learn to cast on and knit and purl, cables, colorwork, or my favorite lace knitting and understanding charts.

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