Heather Marie Scholl




The Fabric of Emancipation (tour)                                      July - October 2018

Rokeby Museum, curated by Harlem Needle Arts

Reflections                                                                             July 2018

Virago Gallery, solo show, Seattle, WA

Stitch Fetish 6                                                                       February 2018

The Hive Gallery, group show curated by Ellen Schinderman, Los Angeles, CA

Feminist Fiber Art                                                                  April 1-30th 2017

Virago Gallery, Seattle, WA

Needles and Threads                                                             April 7-29th 2017

Gallery One, Ellensburg, WA

The Fabric of Emancipation                                                 June - October 2016

The Morris Jumel Mansion, curated by Harlem Needle Arts, NYC

Stitch Fetish 4                                                                        February 2016

The Hive Gallery, group show curated by Ellen Schinderman, Los Angeles, CA

Comedy & Tragedy                                                                 December 2015-January 2015

The Experiment Comedy Gallery, curator and artist, group show Brooklyn, NY

Who's Afraid of Feminism?                                                   September 2015

Online Exhibit and Print Catalog, Curated and Produced by: Women's Art Caucus/A.I.R./Elizabeth Sackler Center

The Intimacy Show                                                                August 2015

Rabbithole Studios, group show Brooklyn, NY

But is it Art?                                                                             May 2015

Con Artist Collective, group show, NYC

Feminist Sex Shoppe                                                              April 2015

On The Ground Floor, group show, 3616 Mount Vernon Dr, Los Angeles, CA

Stitch Fetish 3                                                                        February 2015

Hive Gallery,  group show, Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes It's Hard to be a Woman                                  November 2014

Freeman Space, solo show, Brooklyn, NY

MFA Thesis Runway Show F/W 2013                                    February 2013

Lincoln Center, group show, NYC